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Free shipping on all orders over $100!

Torque Solution Porsche 997 Carrera Transmission Mount Inserts - Street

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SKU tqsTS-POR-010
Applications: Porsche 996TT/GT2/GT3/C4S & GT3 Cup 997TT/GT2/GT3 & RS and GT3 Cup

Torque Solution Porsche Transmission Inserts are designed to limit the amount of transmission movement under on off throttle and braking conditions. The factory mount allows the transmission to move which gives the feeling of a sloppy drivetrain. The mounts will give the car a more direct feel and more precise driver input to the vehicle. You can expect a much better feel under Braking, Acceleration, & lateral G's. While typically most " Race Cars " use a SOLID MOUNT, this solution is less harsh and still maintains better control of the transmission movement without the issue of Solid Mount Vibration. Why replace your broken mount with the same rubber mount that will break again due to deteriorating rubber. Replace the worn rubber with Limited Lifetime Warranty Polyurethane Inserts!
- Smoother Shifting while Rev Matching
- Less movement under braking
- 75A durometer bushings
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

Note: Fits Manual & Automatic Tiptronic Transmission. Will not fit the PDK transmission.