It all started with a 2003 GTI…

It all started with a 2003 GTI…

ORT was founded in 2008 while I was studying abroad in the UK. The summer before I departed for the UK, my father told me if I did not find a way to raise my 2003 GTI, he was going to sell it when I returned from the UK. Yikes. Come hell or high water, I was going to keep that car. One day, while studying in the UK I came across a custom air strut manufacturer in Austria called BagYard. Through my research on VWVortex (a VW enthusiast forum) BagYard was the holy grail of air struts. Not currently available in the States.I decided to call them up and ask a few questions about costs, time frame, etc.

Then came the first deal...

After many hours of discussion with BagYard, we reached a 'bulk buy' deal of 49 sets of BagYard struts that I was to deliver to the US for my friends (future customers) at VWVortex. I was in deep. No business bank account, no warehouse, no business license, and no way of getting the goods out of Austria and into the US. But I was determined to do right by my friends. This is how ORT was formed.

Through my experience setting up the group buy with VWVortex and BagYard, I learned how important relationships are in business. At the end of the day, you have to do right by the people you work with. Treat your customers as you would your friends, and good things will follow. It’s a driving force behind everything ORT does.

I never took my foot off the gas

As the business has grown, our commitment has remained the same. Our customers aren’t just a number in the system, our customers are our friends. We treat their cars as if they were one of our own, and the joy we feel when we can help them fall in love with their car again is why we do what we do.

Our commitment will always be to YOU

When it comes to your car - you’ve got a vision. A dream. It’s the same dream I’ve shared myself, back in 2008 with my 2003 GTI.

So whether it’s sourcing those hard-to-find parts, or just providing our professional advice, you can trust that ORT will always work to do right by you.

That’s my promise.
– Andrew Marsteller, Founder of ORT Motorsport

The Next Stage in Engine Performance
The Next Stage in Engine Performance
What if we told you you could add up to 100hp and 100tq to your vehicle in 60 minutes? Two words: Flash Tune. With over ten years in the aftermarket performance industry, ORT has the knowledge and expertise to make sure you get the most out of your tuning solutions. If you’re local, drop in for a free tuning consultation.
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