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AMS Performance Mk7 Volkswagen Golf R Intercooler

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We're fanatical about performance parts that work, and frankly, you should be too. We know first hand that there are hundreds of brands who produce performance parts for your Volkswagen. We'd like to think the team over at AMS Performance knows a thing or two about going fast and making power - have you seen their fleet? The AMS Golf R front mount intercooler upgrade kit is a direct fit replacement part utilizing your stock mounting points with purpose built cast aluminum end tanks. 


The Pinnacle of Performance

The AMS MK7 Golf R Intercooler upgrade kit uses the best performing core available. The fin and tube style core is over 16″ tall, more than 24″ wide, and features a 2.25″ thick assembly! Our Golf R intercooler is an amazing 67% thicker (50mm vs 30mm) than the stock piece. The AMS MKVII Golf R Intercooler retains the factory crash beam, uses all factory mounting points and requires no cutting or trimming! The intercooler in the Golf R is the backbone for the entire cooling system. The car’s A/C condenser and radiator attach to either side of the intercooler so engineering this correctly is extremely critical for ultimate performance, fit, and durability.

Ultimate Efficiency

The AMS Performance VW MK7 Golf R Intercooler and its high efficiency tube and fin core utilizes 22 fins per inch. The AMS tube and fin core utilizes both internal and external formed/louvered fins which allow for smooth, unobstructed flow while maintaining a huge surface area with spectacular heat transfer capabilities. The results of our testing prove that our intercooler is the perfect balance of performance and efficiency for your Golf R. With its high degree of cooling the intake charge will remain cool even in the toughest of conditions. You will have piece of mind that your Golf R is running at its peak no matter if you are hot lapping at the track or driving spiritedly through your favorite winding back road.

Tube & Fin Construction For Golf R Intercooler

  • Lighter Weight
  • Lower Pressure drop across core
  • Rounded extruded tubes allow for a more efficient cold flow across the core resulting in less efficiency loss for the radiator hidden behind.
  • Quality tube a fin cores made by reputable motorsports manufacturers feature exterior and interior formed LOUVERED fins designed to minimally restrict flow while having huge amounts of surface area to assist in the transfer of heat.
  • Densely packed interior LOUVERED fins provide low pressure drop across the core while still providing excellent cooling properties.
  • Due to the natural shape of a tube and fin core, contact between the factory AC Condenser and Radiator is minimized, eliminating conductive heat transfer between all three components.
  • Core manufactured in Europe by a motorsports manufacturer.
  • Same type of core used in almost all forms of motorsports including all F1/Indy car as well as trusted by all OEM manufacturers.

Exclusive Benefits

  • 22 fins per inch for the perfect balance of performance and efficiency
  • Hand TIG welded in a jig for a perfect fit and pressure tested to 50 psi
  • high efficiency tube and fin core
  • 67% thicker 50mm compared to 30mm
  • 64% larger core volume
  • CFD designed directional vane inlet tank for more even air dispersal over the core