The Suspension Gurus

Throughout the years, we’ve dabbled heavily in the world of aftermarket suspension. Whether it be air ride, coilovers, or springs – we’ve touched it.

We believe that choosing the proper suspension can truly make or break the car (not literally). With the wide array of suspension choices on the market, we thought it would be great to do a blog series on suspension components.

We’d do both a macro and micro level analysis of how suspension is built, designed and then of course, how to choose what works best for your vehicle. With nearly fifteen years in this field, we’ve seen it all (or, well most of it).

We’ll kick off this series shortly with an introduction to the types of suspension, and then follow it with how we built our in-house line and wrap up with how you can make the best choice for your vehicle. We might even sprinkle in a little wisdom on sway bars!?

Follow along as we unpack the nitty gritty of aftermarket suspension.

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